• Chicken Man

    Lower Elementary

    by Michelle Edwards

    Rody lives on a kibbutz, but is called “Chicken Man” because of his work with chickens. The story details how a kibbutz functions and promotes the rabbinic saying (Pirkei Avot) “Who is rich? Those who are happy with what they have.”

  • A Concert in the Sand

    Lower Elementary

    by Tami Shem-Tov and Rachella Sandbank
    illustrated by Avi Ofer

    Uri is bored hanging around his parents’ delicatessen in 1930s Tel-Aviv until his German-speaking Grandma takes him on a walk and introduces him to the famous classical musician, Mr. Huberman, a friend she knew back in Europe.  A Concert in the Sand tells the story of the first performance of what was to become Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Engineer Ari and the Passover Rush

    Lower Elementary

    by Deborah Bodin Cohen
    illustrated by Shahar Kober

    The story of an engineer named Ari who is rushing to complete his final trail trip from Jaffa to Jerusalem before Passover begins. The book takes place during Ottoman-ruled Palestine and includes a picture and history of the actual first train that rolled into Jerusalem in 1892 and discusses how the father of modern Hebrew, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, came up with the Hebrew word for “train.”

  • Engineer Arielle and the Israel Independence Day Surprise

    Lower Elementary

    by Deborah Bodin Cohen
    illustrated by Yael Kimhi Orrelle

    Today is Israel’s Independence Day and Engineer Arielle is getting ready to go to work at Jerusalem’s new light rail train station. Engineer Arielle drives her train through Jerusalem and runs into family and friends who tell her how they are going to celebrate Israel’s birthday!

  • I is for Israel

    Lower Elementary

    by Gili Bar-Hillel
    photography by Prodeepta Das

    Photographed and written in Israel, this book will introduce young readers to many aspects of Israeli society and culture, including language, animals, holidays, cities, and food.

  • In the Jerusalem Forest

    Lower Elementary

    by Devora Busheri
    illustrated by Noa Kelner

    Based on the poem, “The Pond,” by Hayim Nahman Bialik, who is regarded as Israel’s national poet, a child and her mother take a walk in a forest near Jerusalem.

  • My Cousin Tamar Lives in Israel

    Lower Elementary

    by Michelle Shapiro Abraham
    illustrated by Ann D. Koffsky

    An American Jewish child compares celebrating Jewish holidays in the Diaspora versus her cousin Tamar’s experience of living in Israel. This book will resonate with many Jewish readers who have been to Israel and for the first time, understand what it means to be in the Jewish homeland.



  • My Israel and Me

    Lower Elementary

    by Alice Blumenthal McGinty
    illustrated by Rotem Teplow

    Travel to Israel and learn about the diverse people who together contribute to Israel’s commerce, religions, cultures, and various industries. Although Israel is a tiny country, it is a leader in innovations that help the world with growing crops, improving communication systems, and new medical technologies.

  • Professor Buber and His Cats

    Lower Elementary

    by Susan Tarcov
    illustrated by Fotini Tikkou

    A story about the famous professor and philosopher Martin Buber and his nine cats. Buber was active in the Zionist movement and moved to Israel after the Nazis came to power in the 1930s.