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CAMERA has produced a factual recounting of Israel’s ancient and modern history, geography and cultural diversity,  suited to public and private schools, religious groups, and community organizations.

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CAMERA on Campus provides assistance to students through the CAMERA Supported Group and CAMERA Fellowship programs.

This includes guidance in finding and connecting with speakers or films, planning and creating events, funding for student groups, and addressing Middle East distortions in campus publications, flyers, rallies, and classroom teaching.

CAMERA Education Institute

  • Brown University’s Choices Curriculum is a Platform for an Anti-Zionist Narrative

    CAMERA – CAMERA has just published its investigation of the Choices Program’s curriculum pertaining to Zionism, Israel and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Replete with historical revisionism and anti-Zionist tropes ,it whitewashes Palestinian aggression and terrorism, erases Hamas’ stated goals and genocidal intent and portrays the existence of the Jewish state as illegitimate. Such a curriculum can only fuel the growing antisemitism in U.S. classrooms.

  • Unmasking Anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies

    CAMERA Op-Ed – Ethnic Studies activists promoting a version of Marxism and hyper-divisive racial categorizing are seeking to overturn American society.  A unifying theme in the agendas of these activists is their shared hostility towards the Jewish people, evinced by their vilification of the world’s sole Jewish state, Israel.

  • Anti-Israel Extremism and Corrupt Scholarship at Brown University

    CAMERASpurred on by the concerns of Brown University alumni and students, CAMERA decided to investigate antisemitism and extremism at Brown University. What we found is truly disturbing.

  • Unmasking Hatred in Schools: Anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies

    CAMERA – In another revealing exposé, CAMERA uncovers the frightening direction of Liberated Ethnic Studies to poison the minds of young Americans towards the Jewish state and its supporters.

  • University Administrators Demonize Jews in the Name of Social Justice

    CAMERA- At Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), “social justice and equity” mean denying Jewish indigeneity and self-determination and whitewashing violence against Jews. At least that’s the takeaway from a “visual timeline of occupied Palestinian land” BMCC’s “Social Justice and Equity Centers” (SJEC) are displaying on campus.

  • Ethnic Studies Activists Push Anti-Israel Content Into Schools

    CAMERA – CAMERA exposes the anti-Zionist agenda of Liberated Ethnic Studies (LES) with information provided by attendees at educator workshops and webinars conducted by LES organizers where teachers are encouraged to cast Jews, Zionism and the state of Israel as enemies of progress and oppressors.

  • CAMERA Op-Ed: BLM Indoctrinates K-12 Students With Anti-Zionism

    New York Post – The Black Lives Matter movement has given rise to a BLM at School coalition to transform US classrooms into “incubators for inclusivity, equity, and justice.”   It includes resources that vilify Zionists and encourage students to join the anti-Semitic BDS movement.

  • Anti-Israel Educators Promote ‘Solidarity with Palestine’ in Public Schools

    Algemeiner – Anti-Israel professors at the college level have spawned a generation of teacher-consultant-activists seeking to inject false, anti-Israel narratives into American public schools. If their efforts are successful, they could undermine longstanding American public support for Israel.

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