CAMERA can provide teachers with materials for the classroom, including curricular information about the Arab-Israeli conflict and other topics related to the Jewish state. CAMERA also supports teachers who face challenges related to anti-Israel content or activity and provides networking opportunities to connect teachers, librarians and other educators with shared interests and concerns.

Teacher in a classroom
  • We offer an Israeli history curriculum.

  • We provide a recommended list of books and videos about Israel for students.

  • We provide critiques of books, videos, textbooks and curricula teachers may encounter.

  • We can review any materials that may be questionable.

  • We provide webinars and information sessions for educators.

  • We offer state curriculum standards guidance.

  • We assist teachers who face challenges related to anti-Israel curricula, administrators, colleagues, parents or others.

  • We connect teachers to other educators who are like-minded and may be of mutual support and assistance.

If you’ve encountered anti-Israel material, programming or other activity and need help in addressing the problem, contact CAMERA.

We can help!


CAMERA has produced a factual recounting of Israel’s ancient and modern history, geography and cultural diversity,  suited to public and private schools, religious groups, and community organizations.