• The Israel-Palestine Conflict

    An Academic Misleads about the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

    By James L. Gelvin  (2007)

    Educators teaching students about Islam, the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict often turn for help to academics who promote an anti-Israel agenda that misinforms students.  James Gelvin’s book about the conflict is ahistoric and deceiving.

  • The Mufti of Jerusalem

    Shedding New Light on the Mufti's Alliance with the Nazis

    By Jennie Lebel (2007)

    In her penetrating book, Serbian-Israeli author  documents the Mufti of Jerusalem’s intimate involvement with the Nazis, including  numerous reproduced  letters written by the mufti and photographic evidence of his meetings with senior Nazi officials.

  • The Story of the World

    Volumes 1 and 4

    By Susan Wise Bauer (2006 and 2021)

    Susan Wise Bauer seeks to familiarize  elementary school children and older readers with a history of humanity across the world, from antiquity to the present. Unfortunately,  Volume 4: The Modern Age and Volume 1: Ancient Times are marred by significant errors.

  • The Trouble With Textbooks

    A Study Exposing the Bias in American Textbooks

    By Gary A. Tobin and Dennis R. Ybarra (2008)

    The book exposes historical, religious and social misrepresentations of propagandistic proportions by the K–12 school textbook publishing industry in the United States. It is essential reading for educators, students and parents alike.


  • To Whom Was the Promised Land Promised?

    Legal Rights to Mandatory Palestine Territory Under International Law

    By Abraham A. Sion (2020)

    This book is an  important read for anyone truly interested in understanding the conflict, including how the commitment to create a Jewish state came about, how the anticipated borders of such a prospective state evolved over the years, and what the respective rights were for Mandate Palestine’s Jews and Arabs under international law.