For many parents who encounter biased, false depictions of Israel and/or anti-Jewish content in their child’s school materials and programs, taking action to redress the problem can be challenging. CAMERA can help. We provide information about parental rights, suggested action to gather information and elicit positive outcomes, and support in the process. We connect parents experiencing similar difficulties with each other and provide expertise in addressing the issues along with factual materials and curricula.

Please be in touch with us if you need assistance.

  • We help you understand your rights as a parent in relation to a school system
  • We assess classroom materials for factual accuracy and bias

  • We help in countering biased materials

  • We recommend an Israel-focused curriculum

  • We connect like-minded parents to enhance effective action

  • We provide guidance in filing a FOIA for school information

Report a concern about classroom materials or bias in schools


CAMERA has produced a factual recounting of Israel’s ancient and modern history, geography and cultural diversity,  suited to public and private schools, religious groups, and community organizations.