Campuses have become notorious as settings for anti-Israel propaganda both in the classroom and in student activities. This hostile environment can be highly intimidating to Jewish students and those who support Israel. CAMERA provides extensive assistance to students through various programs, including its well-known Fellowship program and student training conferences, as well as support and mentoring of independent pro-Israel groups.


Anti-Zionist/Antisemitic harassment on campus

  • Jewish Students File Complaint Against American University Over Handling of Campus Antisemitism

    Jewish Insider On campus, pro-Palestinian protestors have blocked Jewish students’ access to dining halls and classrooms, while dorms have been vandalized with swastikas

  • Harvard Graduate Union Sees Wave of Resignations Over Hamas Massacre Response, Jewish Student Concerns

    Algemeiner – Dozens of members of Harvard University’s graduate student union have resigned in protest of its response to the Hamas terror group’s Oct. 7 massacre across southern Israel and what they described as the union “repeatedly ignoring” concerns voiced by Jewish and Israeli members.

  • Top Law Firms Issue Warning to Law Schools and Students: We Have ‘Zero Tolerance’ For the Anti-Semitism on Display on Campus

    Mediaite – Many of the top law firms in the country have issued a warning to law schools and their students about the rising tide of anti-Semitism on their campuses.

  • Campus Safety Now a Top Priority for Jewish Students Choosing Colleges

    Jewish Insider – As early decision applications are due, high school students are factoring in which schools are speaking out against anti-Jewish hate.

  • Posts Online Threaten Jewish Students and Center for Jewish Living

    Cornell Sun- Antisemitic threats were posted to Cornell’s Greekrank forums on Saturday, Oct. 28 and Sunday, Oct. 29  directed  at Cornell’s Center for Jewish Living and the kosher dining hall as well as at Jewish Cornellians, in general.

  • UNC Professor Says She Feels Unsafe After Anti-Israel Graffiti on Campus

    Spectrum News – As the Israel-Hamas war continues, unrest is on the rise at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, with one professor believing the university is not doing enough to keep the campus safe, especially for Israeli students and staff.

  • The Campus Peril to Western Civilization

    City Journal – Student and faculty reactions to Hamas’ atrocities demonstrate once and for all the fraud of elite higher education. We must reform our universities—or create new ones.

  • Grotesque Antisemitism at George Washington University

    James G. Martin Center – Ezra Meyer, a senior at George Washington University, discusses how antisemitic incidents at GWU have become routine, noting that the steadily increasing prevalence of antisemitism at GWU and on campuses across the country has left Jewish college students unsettled, worried, and often fearful.

  • Federal Probe Investigates USC for Anti-Semitic Environment Against Campus Jewish Leader

    JNS – An open investigation by the OCR means that the university will now have to answer questions from the U.S. Department of Education and embark on an effort to reform its practices while demonstrating tangible change or risk losing its federal funding.

  • A USC Student Tweeted ‘Kill Every Motherf**ing Zionist.’ Zionist Faculty are Unhappy With USC’s Response.

    Forward – A group of University of Southern California faculty members are demanding the school take action against a Palestinian student who posted several antisemitic tweets, including one saying she wanted “to kill every motherf——-g Zionist.”

  • University of Michigan Faces Heat After Educators’ Anti-Israel Bias

    South Florida Sun Sentinel – The University of Michigan is again under fire for anti-Israel sentiment as a pro-BDS instructor rejected a Jewish student’s request for a letter of recommendation to study in Israel for a semester, just a few months after an associate professor refused to do the same for student Abigail Ingber.