We offer a modular curriculum exploring the emergence of Zionism, the historical background for the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the challenges confronting Israel’s diverse society.

Click on each module below to see sample slides from the curriculum. Each full module comes with interactive presentations and teachers’ notes. They will be available by Spring 2024.

Ethnic studies group

Module One: Israel as a Geographic Entity

A review of Israel’s geography using maps to depict its history and size in relation to other Middle Eastern countries.

Group of students

Module Two: Historic Roots of Israel

A brief history of the Jewish connection to the land of Israel and the continued Jewish presence in the land for thousands of years.


Module Three: Zionism

An exploration of the motives, challenges, and actions of Zionists to set the stage for a Jewish homeland in the land of Israel.


Module Four: Israel’s Modern Establishment

An overview of the establishment of the modern State of Israel, including the War of Independence and its impact on Jews and Arabs.


Module Five: Israel’s History, from Independence to Today

An exploration of Israeli foreign policy, including wars, diplomacy, and the impact of terrorism.


Module Six: Modern Israel

Highlights of the modern State of Israel, including an economic, demographic, and geopolitical look at the country.


Additional Resource: Myths and Facts

Facts are provided to dispel the myths about Israel, and students are asked to apply their new knowledge to respond to real-world scenarios.


Eyes on Israel

A separate curriculum that analyzes the media’s reporting about Israel and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, helping students develop critical thinking skills.

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