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  • The Facts About Hamas/Hamas Charter

    Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) is considered a terrorist organization by much of the non-Arab international community including Israel, the U.S., Canada, Japan, the U.K., Australia and the European Union. Its declared goal is to destroy the Jewish state and replace it with an Islamic one. Indeed, its enmity is directed not only toward Israel but toward Jews, in general.  Article links to Hamas Charter.

  • Hamas Principles

    In May 2017, Hamas unveiled a new “Document of General Principles and Policies.”  This did not replace the orignial charter, accept the existence of Israel in any border or repudiate violence against civilians.  Rather, it continued to embrace the goal of destroying the Jewish state.

  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad

    Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)is a small, largely Iranian-funded, U.S.-designated terrorist group. Although the group receives less media coverage than its competitor and sometime rival Hamas, the threat to Israel posed by PIJ is considerable. CAMERA offers a look at the history and objectives of a terror group whose reach has extended to the U.S.

  • Hezbollah Backgrounder

    Hezbollah (“the Party of God”) is a Lebanese-based, Iranian-funded, Shi’ite Islamist terror group. CAMERA provides the background on the terror organization so often missing from the media.

  • BDS, An Intrinsically Antisemitic Movement

  • The Antisemitic Rhetoric of Antizionists

  • The ‘Genocide,’ ‘Colonialist’ and ‘Racist’ Lies

    Jewish News Syndicate – If you resent Jewish and Israeli success, you have nothing left but baseless slanders.