Some faculty members have themselves been the victims of antisemitism and discrimination while others have supported anti-Jewish bias. The responses by university administrators have also varied considerably. CAMERA monitors instances of antisemitism and anti-Zionist attacks on campus and provides informational and strategic support to students, faculty members and administrators.

News and Commentary

  • Committee on Education and the Workforce Letter to Columbia University

    The Committee on Education and the Workforce (the Committee) is investigating Columbia University’s response to antisemitism and its failure to protect Jewish students. The Committee has grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of Columbia’s response to antisemitism on its campus.

  • Brown University’s Middle East Studies Faculty: Profiles in Extremist Anti-Israel Bias

    CAMERA – A non-exhaustive list of anti-Israel and antisemitic public rhetoric from many of Brown University’s Center for Middle East Studies faculty members. The rhetoric shown helps demonstrate the level of bias and hostility toward the Jewish state.

  • Harvard Excludes Rather Than Includes the Jews

    JNS – Harvard University prioritized maintaining a false image of inclusivity by deciding to exclude from campus a display of Jewish life. Rather than stand up to the bigots who have created the climate of antisemitism on campus, the university chose to become the antisemites’ enforcement arm.

  • Wake Forest Professor Resigns After Saying She’d Be ‘Tempted to Shoot Up’ Dance Parties like Hamas — Then Claims School Let Her Down

    New York Post – A private university professor has resigned after saying she would be “tempted to shoot up” dance parties like Hamas terrorists did on Oct. 7.

  • UNC Professor Doubles Down, Continues to Explain and Justify Hamas Massacre

    Algemeiner – A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor endorsed an SJP statement and made several problematic statements about Israel.

  • CAMERA Op-Ed: Glorifying Atrocities: The Case of Brown University

    CAMERA –After the Holocaust, many bought into the idea that the best way to prevent the reoccurrence of similar horrors was through education. If the world knows what happened, the thinking went, it’ll never allow such atrocities to repeat. But after the 10/7 Massacre in Israel, we’re seeing a much darker reality about education’s role in shaping society’s attitudes toward atrocities.

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