• Dinosaur Goes to Israel

    Grades pre-K-1

    by Diane Levin Rauchwerger
    illustrated by Jason Wolff

    Dino’s adventures continue as he boards a plane for Israel.  Join him as he munches on falafel, tucks a message high up on the Western Wall, and invites a friendly camel to go snorkeling in Eilat.

  • Sammy Spider’s First Trip to Israel

    Grades pre-K-2

    by Sylvia A. Rouss
    illustrated by Katherine J. Kahn

    Another adventure in the “Sammy Spider” series as Sammy travels with the Shapiro family to Israel, snorkeling in Eilat, riding camels in the desert, placing notes in the Western Wall, and eating falafel and pita.

  • ABC Israel

    Grades pre-K and Up

    by Rachel Raz

    ABC Israel, with its colorful and vibrant photographs, introduces readers to Israel’s people, food, languages, trees, flowers, history, modern life, religions, geography, weather, environmental innovations, modes of transportation and more while also teaching the alphabet.

  • Adventure Girl Dabi Digs in Israel

    Grades K-2

    by Janice Hechter

    Dabi is a young girl visiting her grandparents and aunt in Israel. She loves adventure and often gets dirty much to the dismay of her parents. One day her aunt takes her to Beit Guvrin National Park for an archeological dig where Dabi makes an amazing discovery.

  • My Cousin Tamar Lives in Israel

    Grades K-2

    by Michelle Shapiro Abraham
    illustrated by Ann D. Koffsky

    An American Jewish child compares celebrating Jewish holidays in the Diaspora versus her cousin Tamar’s experience of living in Israel. This book will resonate with many Jewish readers who have been to Israel and for the first time, understand what it means to be in the Jewish homeland.



  • Yuvi’s Candy Tree

    Grades K-2

    by Lesley Simpson
    illustrated by Janice Lee Porter

    This is the story of a 5-year-old Jewish Ethiopian girl on a dangerous journey with her grandmother to a Sudan refugee camp where they will be airlifted to Israel. Despite the struggles they encounter, Yuvi’s grandmother keeps hope alive by reminding her that “We are going to Jerusalem. We have angels with us. We’ll fly home.”


  • Engineer Arielle and the Israel Independence Day Surprise

    Grades K-3

    by Deborah Bodin Cohen
    illustrated by Yael Kimhi Orrelle

    Engineer Arielle is the great-great-grandaughter of Engineer Ari who drove the first train to Jerusalem in 1892. Today is Israel’s Independence Day and Engineer Arielle is getting ready to go to work at Jerusalem’s new light rail train station. Engineer Arielle drives her train through Jerusalem and runs into family and friends who tell her how they are going to celebrate Israel’s birthday!

  • The Language of Angels: A Story About the Reinvention of Hebrew

    Grades K-4

    by Richard Michelson and Karla Gudeon

    The fascinating story of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the reinventor of modern day Hebrew and his son Ben-Zion, who was the first child in the early founding of the modern state of Israel to speak only Hebrew.

  • The Lost Spy and the Green Dress

    Grades 3-6

    by Alex Paz Goldman

    Twelve-year-old Israeli Motti and his friend Reuven are on a mission to root out a supposed German spy that is lurking in their neighborhood. Set in 1960’s Israel, “The Lost Spy and the Green Dress” delves into the complexities of being raised by Holocaust parents in the modern State of Israel.