Campus groups have featured speakers and panelists who promote BDS campaigns or attempt to delegitimize and demonize the Jewish State. BDS-supporters have also tried to muzzle pro-Israel speakers and panelists. CAMERA works with students both to expose and confront the violations of academic standards by activist anti-Israel speakers and to provide knowledgeable speakers to counter anti-Israel falsehoods.

News and Commentary

  • College Grad Delivers ‘Sick’ Speech Accusing Israel of ‘Killing and Torturing Palestinians’

    New York Post – An El Camino Community College student, inspired by the commencement speech at CUNY’s Law School, dedicated her own graduation speech at the publicly-funded college “to all Palestinians who have lost their life and those who continue to lose their lives every day due to the oppressive apartheid state of Israel killing and torturing Palestinians as we speak…”

  • Jewish Voice for Peace Stands With Fatima Mohammed

    Yet another statement by the organization calling itself Jewish Voice for Peace supports antisemitism and belies the name of the organization.

  • ‘May Every Zionist Burn in the Hottest Pit of Hell’: Meet CUNY Law School’s Antisemitic Graduation Speaker

    National Review – Fatima Mohammed, the student activist whose recent speech at the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Law School graduation was roundly condemned as antisemitic, has an extensive history of making antisemitic remarks on social media.

  • Statement from the Board of Trustees and Chancellor of the City University of New York

    CUNY – Following intense criticism of CUNY over a graduating law student’s valedictory speech, the university’s board of trustees and chancellor put out this statement deploring her hate speech.

  • CUNY Commencement Address Sparks Firestorm Over Comments on Israel, ‘Fascist’ NYPD

    NBC Channel 4, NY –  Lawmakers and politicians from around the country, as well as Jewish groups and more, are bashing a student speaker at the CUNY Law School for remarks attacking Israel and blasting the NYPD as “fascist.”

  • UC Berkeley Student Groups’ Refusal to Invite Zionist Speakers Draws Civil Rights Complaint

    Los Angeles Times – A federal civil rights complaint accuses UC Berkeley of an “act of discrimination against the Jewish community” by allowing law school student groups to adopt bylaws refusing to invite speakers who support Zionism.

  • Academia And The Dehumanization Of Jews

    CAMERA – A webinar  by notable Jew-haters and terrorist apologists t was purportedly a response to Israel’s terrorist designation of six “nonprofits” linked to the Palestinian terror group PFLP.  It was an exposé of the dangerous and violent bigotry of anti-Israel extremists on campuses.

  • The Campaign To Ostracize American Jewry

    CAMERA – A number of student groups at the City University of New York laid out their ongoing campaign that purportedly targets the tax-exempt status of a number of Jewish nonprofits. But it’s not just a campaign targeting the JNF or Israel. It aims to turn American Jewry — the overwhelming majority of whom are proud Zionists — into pariahs.