Elementary, middle, and high school curricula can have a powerful impact on students and have been used as a channel for activists to insert anti-Israel and antisemitic bias. Vulnerable students are yet unequipped to counter this misinformation. CAMERA monitors, exposes and counters such detrimental content.

News and commentary

  • Holocaust Education Alone Won’t Counter Antisemitism

    JNS – In the struggle against Jew-hatred camouflaged by scholastic acceptance of anti-Zionism and a campaign for “social justice” for Palestinian Arabs, local schools are part of the battlefield.  Those fighting antisemitism must expand their field of vision. Begin with Holocaust education, to be sure. But do not stop there. ‘Holocaust inversion’ and defamation of Israel must also be combatted.

  • Ethnic Studies Activists Push Anti-Israel Content Into Schools

    CAMERA – CAMERA exposes the anti-Zionist agenda of Liberated Ethnic Studies (LES) with information provided by attendees at educator workshops and webinars conducted by LES organizers where teachers are encouraged to cast Jews, Zionism and the state of Israel as enemies of progress and oppressors.

  • CAMERA Op-Ed: BLM Indoctrinates K-12 Students With Anti-Zionism

    New York Post – The Black Lives Matter movement has given rise to a BLM at School coalition to transform US classrooms into “incubators for inclusivity, equity, and justice.”   It includes resources that vilify Zionists and encourage students to join the anti-Semitic BDS movement.

  • East Bay High School Teacher Called Out for Antisemitic Lessons

    J Weekly –  At a school board meeting, several faculty and students spoke out against a 10th grade English teacher who gave out antisemitic conspiracy material. The school district had previously announced that it would continue to supplement the state’s required ethnic studies curriculum with material from the Liberated Ethnic Studies Consortium.

  • Anti-Israel Educators Promote ‘Solidarity with Palestine’ in Public Schools

    Anti-Israel professors at the college level have spawned a generation of teacher-consultant-activists seeking to inject false, anti-Israel narratives into American public schools. If their efforts are successful, they could undermine longstanding American public support for Israel.

  • Newark School District Adds Anti-Israel Book to Sixth-Grade Curriculum

    JNS – The school board of Newark, New Jersey is drawing attention from Israel advocacy and education organizations as well as parents for adding an anti-Israel book to its mandatory curriculum.

  • Newton History Course Continues to Mislead Students on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    CAMERA – As we witness the dramatic transformation of Arab states from bitter enemies to peace partners with Israel, a generation of American students is being indoctrinated in the opposite direction by teachers promoting a retrogressive version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Anti-Israel Indoctrination Continues in Newton Public High School

    CAMERA – The anti-Israel indoctrination of high school students in Newton, Massachusetts continues. A teacher inculcates students with a deeply flawed history of the Arab-Israeli conflict in a senior elective class, while the superintendent assures parents that all is well.

  • Anti-Israel Bias Still Alive in Newton Schools?

    CAMERA – A roiling years-long controversy over anti-Israel bias in Newton public schools has received national attention, after CAMERA released an in-depth study of factually-false classroom materials used to teach the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam.

  • Indoctrinating Our Youth

    CAMERA Monograph – Indoctrinating Our Youth is a wake-up call about biased teaching of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam in America’s public schools. The monograph describes a dramatic local case of a national problem, recounting a controversy that erupted in an affluent Massachusetts public school district.

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