Elementary, middle, and high school curricula can have a powerful impact on students and have been used as a channel for activists to insert anti-Israel and antisemitic bias. Vulnerable students are yet unequipped to counter this misinformation. CAMERA monitors, exposes and counters such detrimental content.

News and commentary

  • Newark School District Adds Anti-Israel Book to Sixth-Grade Curriculum

    JNS – The school board of Newark, New Jersey is drawing attention from Israel advocacy and education organizations as well as parents for adding an anti-Israel book to its mandatory curriculum.

  • Newton History Course Continues to Mislead Students on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    CAMERA – As we witness the dramatic transformation of Arab states from bitter enemies to peace partners with Israel, a generation of American students is being indoctrinated in the opposite direction by teachers promoting a retrogressive version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Anti-Israel Indoctrination Continues in Newton Public High School

    CAMERA – The anti-Israel indoctrination of high school students in Newton, Massachusetts continues. A teacher inculcates students with a deeply flawed history of the Arab-Israeli conflict in a senior elective class, while the superintendent assures parents that all is well.

  • Anti-Israel Bias Still Alive in Newton Schools?

    CAMERA – A roiling years-long controversy over anti-Israel bias in Newton public schools has received national attention, after CAMERA released an in-depth study of factually-false classroom materials used to teach the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam.

  • Indoctrinating Our Youth

    CAMERA Monograph – Indoctrinating Our Youth is a wake-up call about biased teaching of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam in America’s public schools. The monograph describes a dramatic local case of a national problem, recounting a controversy that erupted in an affluent Massachusetts public school district.

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