Ethnic Studies is a relatively young academic area that emphasizes divisions among groups and accentuates grievances and resentment of the white majority. Its unifying theme is that American society exploits ethnic minorities. CAMERA monitors this educational endeavor and exposes its biased, anti-Zionist dimensions.

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  • Unmasking Anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies

    CAMERA Op-Ed – Ethnic Studies activists promoting a version of Marxism and hyper-divisive racial categorizing are seeking to overturn American society.  A unifying theme in the agendas of these activists is their shared hostility towards the Jewish people, evinced by their vilification of the world’s sole Jewish state, Israel.

  • Letter to University of California Board of Regents Regarding Ethnic Studies Admissions Requirement Proposal from 99 Organizations

    We are 99 education, civil rights and religious organizations who are deeply concerned about a proposal for a UC ethnic studies admissions requirement that is still being considered by the UC Academic Senate, despite strenuous opposition from UC faculty and members of the public in 2022.

  • Opinion: The Jewish Community Must Embrace Ethnic Studies, Not Shun It

    Jerusalem Post – As leaders of three consequential California Jewish organizations, we work daily to end discrimination against Jewish students in the classroom. We also firmly believe in ethnic studies as a good thing for everyone, especially Jews.

  • Opinion: Antisemitism Festers in California’s Ethnic Studies Courses

    The Daily Breeze – Two drafts of rules and suggested content for the required [ethnic studies] course were rejected by lawmakers and the state Board of Education before a plan was finally approved with “guardrails” supposedly preventing content that promotes “bias, bigotry and discrimination.” But some school districts have hired groups including authors of the rejected ethnic studies versions to write local plans, and some of those have allegedly amounted to end runs around the so-called guardrails.

  • Beating, Not Joining Ethnic Studies

    Sapir Journal – Does  the revised version of the original draft of California State Board of Education’s ethnic studies model curriculum address the complaints about its antisemitism?  The article explores the new curriculum’s underlying ideological themes and biases, advocating for a more balanced, inclusive education model based on the Jewish-American experience.

  • Cutting Off State-Sponsored Hate: Defunding AB 101 Will Stop UC Faculty’s Antisemitic Crusade

    Jewish Journal – Christine Hong,  a lead writer of the ethnic studies admission requirement proposal, joined other ES activists to form the Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism (ICSZ) which wants to “delink”  Zionism from Jewish Studies and position Zionism as a part of decolonial, critical terrorism, and settler colonial studies with related activism.

liberated ethnic studies

Liberated Ethnic Studies (LES) is a more extreme version of Ethnic Studies that promotes a Marxist orientation centered on racial identity. LES promotes student and teacher activism against traditional American ideals and institutions. Anti-Israel and anti-Jewish themes are often a core component of this agenda. CAMERA documents and exposes the goals, methods and activities of this project.

Special Report:
Anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies

In another revealing exposé, CAMERA uncovers the frightening direction of Liberated Ethnic Studies into the antizionism/antisemitism that poisons the minds of young Americans towards the Jewish state and its supporters.

news and commentary

  • Jewish Public Interest Law Firm Demands Transparency on Ethnic Studies Content from Hayward Unified School District

    Jewish Journal – The Deborah Project asked the Superior Court in Alameda County to compel Hayward Unified School District to answer the Public Record requests that were sent months ago—requests they’ve completely ignored.

  • Anti-Israel Educators Promote ‘Solidarity with Palestine’ in Public Schools

    Algemeiner – Anti-Israel professors at the college level have spawned a generation of teacher-consultant-activists seeking to inject false, anti-Israel narratives into American public schools. If their efforts are successful, they could undermine longstanding American public support for Israel.

  • Liberated Ethnic Studies Group Aims to End-Run Newsom Law

    Jewish Journal – A group favoring what it calls Liberated Ethnic Studies is trying to re-introduce antisemitic and other controversial content by selling an ethnic studies curriculum “under the radar,” as they themselves put it.

  • California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum is Hiding Its Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel Teachings

    Jewish Journal – A lawsuit seeks to expose the use in Los Angeles public schools of the same hateful teaching materials previously rejected by Governor Newsom.

  • Napa schools reverse course on ‘liberated’ ethnic studies contract

    J Weekly – Days after the Napa Valley school board approved a $38,000 contract with the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Coalition, the school district decided not to move forward with the arrangement.

  • New Proposal Would Force CA School Districts to Adopt “Liberated” Curriculum if Students Want Admission to UC Schools

    Jewish Journal –As the first school district to formalize a relationship with LESMC after Governor Newsom signed the bill mandating an ethnic studies graduation requirement, the Castro Valley school board’s decision was particularly sobering for the Jewish community.

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