Some faculty members have themselves been the victims of antisemitism and discrimination while others have supported anti-Jewish bias. The responses by university administrators have also varied considerably. CAMERA monitors instances of antisemitism and anti-Zionist attacks on campus and provides informational and strategic support to students, faculty members and administrators.

News and Commentary

  • Taking a Stand: A Compilation of Letters to American Universities on Anti-Israel Bias

    CAMERA – These individuals took a stand at a crucial moment in time against those academic institutions that are equivocating, or worse, in the face of hatred and terrorism. They serve as examples, and hopefully inspiration, for others to speak up and do what is right.

  • Brandeis Becomes First Private University to Ban Students for Justice in Palestine on Campus

    Jewish Insider – Brandeis University on Monday became the first private university to ban the campus chapter of National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). SJP’s open support for Hamas, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist organization, was the driving factor in the decision, according to a source familiar with Brandeis’ plans.

  • Top Law Firms Issue Warning to Law Schools and Students: We Have ‘Zero Tolerance’ For the Anti-Semitism on Display on Campus

    Mediaite – Many of the top law firms in the country have issued a warning to law schools and their students about the rising tide of anti-Semitism on their campuses.

  • UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council Defends Hamas Massacres in Israel

    UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council – A statement sent out by the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council calls on the UC administration to retract their characterization of the perpetrators of the October 7th massacres in Israel as “terrorists” and transfer  negative characterizations to Israel.

  • UNC Professor Says She Feels Unsafe After Anti-Israel Graffiti on Campus

    Spectrum News – As the Israel-Hamas war continues, unrest is on the rise at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, with one professor believing the university is not doing enough to keep the campus safe, especially for Israeli students and staff.

  • Foreign Contributions to Universities Dominated by a Few Countries

    Investigative Economics – A handful of countries stand out for the largesse of their contributions to specific universities and to a wide array of other schools. Qatar is by far the largest donor to American higher education institutions.

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